Friday, January 15, 2021

Penn State Extension, DEP To Host 8-Part Farm Energy Day Webinars; Offer New Farm Utility Bill Analysis Service

Penn State Extension is partnering with the Department of Environmental Protection to host an 8-part series of Farm Energy Day Webinars and are offering a new farm utility bill analysis service.

Energy Workshops

The free Farm Energy Day Workshop Webinars will focus on energy efficiency, solar energy, heating options, lighting, and biogas.  

The workshops will be held from Noon to 1:00 p.m.--

-- March 18: Solar Power On The Farm. The Penn State Extension Energy Team will discuss the opportunities for farms to utilize solar photovoltaic systems as an energy source. Click Here to register.

-- March 25: Energy Answers For Beginning Farmers And Ranchers. Farmers who are just starting out don't always think about the energy implications of their farming plans. However, the decisions they make regarding energy can set the pattern for their farm's long-term energy performance and success.  Click Here to register.

-- April 1: High Efficiency Lighting. With the wholesale rollout of LED lighting systems, lighting technology has been dramatically changing in recent years. Have you been wondering if these systems are always an improvement for farms?    Click Here to register.

-- April 8: Making The Most Of YOur Heating Options. The webinar will give an overview of heating options for farm needs, covering important topics such as energy content, cost, and system efficiency. Opportunities for financial support of efficiency improvements will also be discussed.  Click Here to register.

-- April 15: Biogas Digesters For Heat and Power. The webinar will address types of digesters and discuss opportunities for biogas production on the farm.  Click Here to register.

-- April 22: Analyzing Your Farm’s Utility Bills. Penn State's Energy Extension team will take a look at the information contained in a typical farm energy bill, and explain how that information can be used to gain insight into your energy use. We'll also look at some simple checks you can carry out to make sure you are not paying more than needed.  Click Here to register.

-- April 29: Dairy Farm Energy Efficiency Opportunities. Dairy is arguably the heart of Pennsylvania Agriculture, and is critical to the health of farming and our rural communities. Dairy farming is also very energy intensive, and there are many opportunities to save or waste energy, depending on how the farm is designed and operated.  Click Here to register.

-- May 6: Poultry Farm Energy Efficiency Opportunities. Poultry farming, both for broilers and for egg production, is a large and important segment of Pennsylvania's agricultural sector. It also tends to be energy intensive, with high loads for lighting, ventilation, and winter heat, among others.   Click Here to register.

Farm Energy Bill Analysis

DEP and Penn State Extension have also partnered to provide Pennsylvania farmers with a utility bill analysis upon request. 

Extension staff can help analyze your utility bills to help you understand your electricity use, bill charges, and potential ways to save energy. 

If interested in this free service, please contact Ed Johnstonbaugh with Extension at

Visit DEP’s Agricultural Energy Use webpage for more information on these and other initiatives.

Explore the hundreds of other educational opportunities available by visiting the Penn State Extension website.

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