Friday, August 16, 2019

DEP Invites Comments On Draft Changes To PAG-02 Stormwater General Permit

The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting public comments on proposed changes in the draft NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated With Construction Activities (PAG-02).  (formal notice)
This draft PAG-02 General Permit would apply to eligible projects proposing an earth disturbance activity that involves 1 acre or more of earth disturbance, or an earth disturbance on any portion, part, or during any stage of a larger common plan of development or sale that involves 1 acre or more of earth disturbance. 
If a project requires NPDES permit coverage but is ineligible for PAG-02 coverage, an applicant may apply for an individual NPDES permit.
Among the changes proposed in the draft are--
-- An expiration date of December 7, 2024;
-- New requirements to ensure onsite personnel are trained and are aware of responsibilities under the General Permit.
-- Prohibitions concerning discharge to impaired waters, with and without a Total Maximum Daily Load, would be revised to clarify the causes of impairment triggering additional measures, and to specify that the additional measures include non-discharge alternatives or antidegradation best available combination of technologies best management practices.
-- New forms would be available for notifying municipalities and counties of construction projects to satisfy Acts 14, 67, 68 and 127
Click Here to review the draft PAG-02 and supporting documents.
Written comments are due on the draft PAG-02 by September 16 and may be submitted via DEP’s online eComment webpage.  Questions should be directed to Sean Furjanic by sending email to: or calling 717-787-2137.
(Photo: Silt fence best management practice.)

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