Friday, October 26, 2018

DCED Awards 5 Community Block Grants For Water, Wastewater System Improvements Totaling Over $3 Million

The Department of Community and Economic Development Friday announced the award of 5 Community Development Block Grants totaling over $3 million to fund water and wastewater system and other community improvements. The water infrastructure funding includes--
-- Armstrong County: $1,000,000 to be used in Armstrong County for a water line extension project to provide clean water to residents in Sugarcreek Township with private wells, cisterns, or springs contaminated with unsafe levels of coliform, E. Coli, barium, and arsenic;
-- Susquehanna County: $322,000 to be used in Susquehanna County to slip line nearly 4,500 linear feet of existing deteriorated clay sanitary sewer lines in Susquehanna Borough. The restoration of these 100-year old lines will result in strong and durable pipes, increasing flow and preventing infiltration;
-- Elk County: $632,322 to be used in Elk County for the replacement of 94 residential water meters, six business water meters, several fire hydrants, and asbestos-containing transite waterlines. The new waterlines will provide clean water to residents in the Village of Force, Jay Township.
-- Fulton County: $137,000 to be used in Fulton County to replace approximately 1,704 feet of sanitary sewer line to mitigate sewage backups impacting residents of the Cloverleaf Court Mobile Home Park and reducing flow to the Fulton County Fair Grounds which is on the same sanitary sewer line.
-- Lycoming County: $1,000,000 to be used in Lycoming County to construct a new sanitary sewer system for the residents of the Village of Lairdsville, Franklin Township. Currently, there are no public sewage systems in Lairdsville, causing on-lot disposal system failures and water contamination issues. The new sanitary sewer system will provide residents with clean, safe drinking water and hygienic, efficient waste disposal.
For more information on this program, visit the DCED Community Development Block Grant Program webpage.

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