Monday, June 18, 2018

York County Held First Of 3 Public Meetings On Flooding, Water Pollution Solutions

The York County Planning Commission Thursday held the first of three scheduled public meetings to discuss the scale of flooding and water pollution in the County, along with potential solutions.
Approximately 1,100 miles of streams that don't meet mandated environmental standards have been identified in the County, and there are still many miles of streams to evaluate. In addition, the Commission has identified 215 locations on roads in the county that experience frequent flooding problems.
Among the solutions that will be discussed at this public meeting will be creation of a countywide stormwater authority.
If approved by the York County Commissioners, this new local agency would address flooding and pollution problems by investing in stream restoration, erosion control, and reforestation projects along county waterways.
  Future Meetings
Also mark your calendars for the additional public meetings to be held on September 25 and November 8.
Come to the public meeting to learn more, ask questions, and share your thoughts with us. Your input will help shape this important effort.
For more information or to leave a comment or question, visit the York Stormwater Authority Implementation Plan webpage.  Learn more about stormwater in York County by going to the Stormwater Information webpage.

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