Monday, January 15, 2018

U.S. Biochar Initiatives Conference Aug. 20-23 In DE: Submit Workshop Proposals, Early Registration

The Carbon Link In Watershed Ecosystem Services is the theme of this year’s U.S. Biochar Initiatives Biochar Conference to be held August 20-23 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware.
Biochar is a solid material obtained from thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environment that can be used for a range of applications as an agent for soil improvement, improved resource use efficiency, remediation and/or protection against particular environmental pollution and as an avenue for greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation.
This Conference is the largest event in North America dedicated to advancing the sustainable production and use of biochar through scientific and engineering research, policy development, field practice, and technology transfer.
Attendees can expect to:
-- Learn about ground breaking scientific research and technologies;
-- Discover the benefits that biochar can provide;
-- Hear from biochar experts about ways to restore and remediate our watersheds; and
-- Connect with leading biochar businesses, producers and distributors.
Accepting Workshop Proposals
The Conference is now accepting abstracts and workshop proposals through March 1.  Click Here for all the details.
The Conference is sponsored by the U.S. Biochar Institute, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Infinite Solutions, L3C, Ridge To Reefs, University of Delaware and the Delaware State University.
To sign up for Conference updates, early registration and all the details, visit the U.S. Biochar Initiatives Biochar Conference website.

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