Monday, January 22, 2018

Pittsburgh Water Authority Reports Water Sampling Results Show Lead Exceeding EPA Action Level

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Monday released estimated results from its most recent compliance testing for lead required by state and federal regulations showing it has exceeded the EPA action level of 15 ppb (parts per billion).
PWSA expects the Department of Environmental Protection to certify the compliance testing results Tuesday.
One hundred eighteen (118) samples were collected from homes that were determined to have, or are expected to have, lead service lines or plumbing.
The 90th percentile results from the latest round of testing were 21 ppb, exceeding the EPA action level of 15 ppb. Previous compliance testing results were 15 ppb in June 2017, 18 ppb in December 2016 and 22 ppb in June 2016.
According to EPA, there is no safe level of lead. Residents should continue to consider the recommendations provided by PWSA to reduce exposure to lead if they know or suspect they have lead service lines or plumbing.
Samples were taken by customers at 114 residential sites based on a method prescribed under DEP and EPA guidelines. Four samples were submitted twice from the same sites. All samples were taken from homes that have, or are expected to have, lead service lines or plumbing.
Service lines are the connections from the home to the water main and are the primary source of lead entering tap water. Samples were sent by customers directly to an independent, accredited lab, and the results were reviewed and will be calculated by DEP.
Seventy four percent of the samples collected were below 10 ppb. The details of the December 2017 compliance testing results, as well as a comparison of previous testing rounds, are as follows:
-- 38 are non-detect for lead
-- 23 are between 2.1 and 4.9 ppb
-- 27 are between 5 and 9.9 ppb
-- 12 are between 10 and 14 ppb
-- 4 are between 15 and 19 ppb
-- 11 are between 20 and 49 ppb
-- 3 are higher than 50 ppb
Click Here for more complete sampling results.   Click Here for a frequently asked questions document on lead in water from the Authority.
For more on actions by DEP related to lead in the Pittsburgh Water Authority system, visit DEP’s Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority webpage.
For more on the issue statewide, visit DEP’s Lead In Drinking Water webpage.

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