Saturday, September 23, 2017

No Movement Of Any Items On Fall Environmental Legislative Agenda In Last 2 Weeks

Over the last 2 weeks the Senate and House were in voting session one of those weeks each, but neither one took any action on other important environmental bills still unfinished in the General Assembly.  Those issues include--
-- $2/Ton Recycling Fee Extension
-- Storage Tank Cleanup Program Extension
-- PA One Call Natural Gas Pipeline Protection
-- Littering Penalty Increases
-- Lawn Fertilizer Regulation/Education
-- Electronics Waste Recycling Program Reform
And of course, last but not least, the bill to designate the Eastern Hellbender as Pennsylvania’s State Amphibian and a symbol of clean water for the state is still hung up-- Senate Bill 658.
Click Here for a complete rundown.
The House returns to session Monday for a 3-day week and the week of October 2, but then their schedule has them off until October 16.  They have 21 scheduled voting days left this year, after next week.
The Senate is officially on a 6-hour call, but is not scheduled to be back in voting session until October 16.  They have 15 scheduled voting days left this year.

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