Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Rep. Quinn Introduces PA Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act

Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks) Tuesday introduced House Bill 1446 that encourages the expansion of clean transportation infrastructure to support electric and natural gas vehicles (sponsor summary).
“As increasing numbers of Pennsylvania consumers and businesses consider choosing electric and natural gas vehicles, and our businesses look for opportunities to invest in cleaner, more efficient equipment, we must ensure that well-planned charging and refueling infrastructures are deployed in the state,” said Rep. Quinn.
“The Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Networks Act will create a framework for building this infrastructure by combining the expertise of our transportation and public utility sectors,” explained Rep. Quinn.
Under House Bill 1446, Pennsylvania will:
-- Establish a state goal of expanding our electric transportation usage by at least 50 percent over baseline forecasts by 2030;
-- Direct the development of regional transportation plans so that Pennsylvanians will be able to live, work and play while going electric;
-- Require electric utilities to submit infrastructure investment proposals based on the regional frameworks that help cost-effectively build out backbone charging infrastructure that meets their local needs;
-- Complete statewide interstate and Turnpike fast electric and natural gas refueling networks; and
-- Assess opportunities to increase the deployment of natural gas vehicles to support fleets and other high-value uses
“Alternative fuel vehicles provide a great opportunity to help our economy and our environment at the same time,” said Rep. Quinn.  “Through good planning and regional collaboration, we can move Pennsylvania to leading edge of adopting these technologies.”

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