Friday, March 3, 2017

SRBC, DEP Partner On Water Loss Management Training For Water Systems

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission Public Water Supply Assistance Program and DEP are partnering to present a series of 3 workshops on Water Loss Management for Drinking Water Systems in April, July and August.
Many public water suppliers in Pennsylvania deliver water to customers through aging distribution systems.
Water systems may be withdrawing, treating, and supplying water for which they may not be fully receiving revenue because of apparent losses (metering and billing inaccuracies) or real losses (leakage).
To help public water suppliers conserve water resources and improve operations, the Commission and DEP are offering a series of three workshops taught by George Kunkel, P.E..
Mr. Kunkel was the former water loss control program manager for the City of Philadelphia and a co-author of the American Water Works Association Free Water Audit Software. He has served, or is serving, on various AWWA water loss control committees and is currently Principal of Kunkel Water Efficiency Consulting.
The workshops will be held at the SRBC office in Harrisburg at 4423 N. Front Street.
These workshops are free, but registration is required. Click Here to register online or contact Brent Bauman, SRBC, at 717-238-0423 (x1235) or send email to:, or Cathy Port, DEP, at 717.705.4913 or send email to:
Click Here for more information on the workshops.
For more information on other available assistance, visit SRBC’s Public Water Supply Assistance Program webpage.

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