Monday, April 25, 2016

Delaware River Basin Commission To Hold Own Hearings On Proposed PennEast Pipeline

The Delaware River Basin Commission Monday announced it has withdrawn its request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for joint hearings on the proposed PennEast Pipeline Project and will conduct separate hearings on its own.
DRBC wrote to the FERC April 25 to announce the change.
“The DRBC is committed to a process that affords individuals the opportunity to comment on issues of concern to them that relate to the basin’s water resources. Because of the high level of interest in the PennEast project, the DRBC expects to conduct multiple public hearings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the states where the project is proposed to be located.
“DRBC does not currently anticipate holding hearings during calendar year 2016. These yet-to-be-scheduled hearings for the proposed PennEast project will be conducted separately from the DRBC’s regularly scheduled quarterly public hearings.
“DRBC is committed to holding safe, secure, and orderly public hearings as part of a public input process that will include opportunities for both oral and written comments. Planning for this process will advance concurrently with DRBC’s ongoing technical review of PennEast’s application throughout 2016.
“A formal public comment period will be announced and comments will be actively solicited upon publication of the DRBC’s draft docket.
“Additional information on DRBC’s PennEast public comment process, including public hearing dates, times, locations, and procedures will be provided on the Commission’s website at as soon as these details become available.
“In the interim, written comments on the project may be emailed to:
“Individuals and organizations wishing to be added to the DRBC’s Interested Parties List for the proposed PennEast project should send their name, organization (if applicable), mailing address and email information to: or by U.S. mail to DRBC, Attn.: Project Review Section, P.O. Box 7360, 25 State Police Drive, West Trenton, NJ 08628.
“Parties on the IPL will receive public notices concerning the project directly when they are issued.”
For more information, see the formal announcement on the DRBC website.
More Information on the application PennEast Pipeline submitted to the DRBC is available on the PennEast Application Information webpage.
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