Friday, July 24, 2015

State Budget Impasse Day 27: Better Understanding, Productive Talks, No Agreement

Positive noises were coming from the Capitol after meetings between Gov. Wolf and GOP Leaders on the budget this week with phrases like “better understanding,” “ productive talks,” and even a “really rolled up our sleeves” were used to describe the talks.
But on Day 27 (as of July 27) of the state budget impasse, there was no agreement.  In fact the big news was not the budget, but the resignation of Katie McGinty as Wolf’s chief of staff to run for the U.S. Senate (see separate story).
The Senate and House are not scheduled back for voting session until September 21; although the House has a one day session planned for August 25.  Of course, if lightening strikes and there is a budget agreement, members can always be recalled sooner.
The House this week did take the opportunity to move a General Fund budget vehicle-- House Bill 1460 (Adolph-R-Delaware)-- out of the House Appropriations Committee so that when a budget deal is made there will be a bill to slap it into.  The bill is identical to the one vetoed by Gov. Wolf.
Meanwhile, see you in September House and Senate members! (unless sooner recalled).

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