Monday, March 30, 2015

Paddle Without Pollution’s Presque Isle Water Trail Film Now Available On Demand

Paddle Without Pollution in Pittsburgh Monday announced its “Presque Isle Water Trail” film is available on demand.   The film documents the work of PWP, state agencies, and other organizations as they planned the Presque Isle Water Trail in Erie, over the last two years.
The “Presque Isle Water Trail” film includes interviews with key personnel; beautiful footage of kayakers, canoeists, and stand-up paddleboarders; intimate views of wildlife; and unique shots of Presque Isle and Erie Bluffs State Parks, in Erie.
The film’s funders include the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, The Erie Community Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.
The Presque Isle Water Trail is nearing the end of its planning and feasibility study stage. Financial support was provided by the DCNR.
“The purpose of this film, the result of more than 2000 hours of work, is to get people excited about the water trail; to showcase the beauty and recreational opportunities of Presque Isle State Park; and to explain the process of planning and developing a water trail,” said David Rohm, Executive Director of Special Operations for PWP and the film’s producer/editor. “We feel the documentary makes a strong case for why Presque Isle should have a water trail. In addition to providing diverse paddling environments and experiences, the proposed water trail will encourage stewardship of our natural resources and promote eco-tourism in the Erie area.”
Rohm and one of the film’s cinematographers, Melissa Rohm, are currently working on a new project about the battle to save the ancient hemlock trees in Cook Forest State Park from the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, an insect that has the potential to kill trees that are hundreds of years old.
The Rohms’ production company, Wild Excellence Films (a contributor of many wildlife scenes in the water trail film), specializes in wildlife, nature, public lands, and conservation media and is currently seeking funding for the new project.
Click Here to watch the film online.
Paddle Without Pollution is a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore and protect the health of rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands through hands-on stewardship and education, thereby benefiting the region’s communities, economy, and quality of life.
PWP was recently awarded a Western Pennsylvania Environmental Award from Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Green Paddle Award for Waterway Conservation from American Canoe Association.
For more information, visit the Paddle Without Pollution website or send email to:

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