Monday, February 23, 2015

The Shawnee Inn And Golf Resort New Green Lodging Partner On Delaware

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy is pleased to welcome the historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort to the Green Lodging Partnership—an initiative that allows visitors to our region to invest in land conservation through a voluntary $2-per-stay donation at participating lodgings.
Located on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, the Shawnee Inn is dedicated to sustainability in their operations. The resort hosts a farmers market throughout the summer, grows some of the food for their own restaurants on a small on-site farm, taps their own maple trees and keeps bees to produce their own honey. They are dedicated to reducing waste and to recycling, and recently installed an ORCA, which is an accelerated food waste composting system.
According to Rob Howell, General Manager, “The Shawnee Inn is excited to join the Green Lodging Partnership because one of the main foundations of our branding is an emphasis on the natural environment.  Not only encouraging our guests to explore the outdoors by hiking, biking, kayaking golfing or relaxing and enjoying nature, but more importantly, by establishing programs that protect our natural environment and educate or staff and guests on what nature can provide and how we can be more sustainable.  This partnership will help in growing our commitment to being stewards of this magnificent area.”
Launched in 2012, the Green Lodging Partnership now includes 16 local lodgings in Pennsylvania and New York. These hotels and their guests directly support protecting our healthy and beautiful lands, clean waters, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities—everything we cherish about our unique Upper Delaware River region.
To learn more, visit the Delaware Highlands Conservancy’s Green Lodging Partnership webpage.

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