Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rep. Godshall, Rep. Harper Plan To Introduce Water Well Standards Bills

Rep. Robert Godshall (R-Montgomery) and Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) have both announced plans to reintroduce legislation setting standards for water well constructions.
Legislation-- House Bill 343 (Miller-R-York)-- setting water well standards died in the Senate this year, after passing the House.
“Over 3 million Pennsylvania residents depend upon private water wells, accounting for more than 20,000 new wells drilled here each year,” said Rep. Godshall.  “Nonetheless, only Pennsylvania and Alaska are without any baseline standards guiding the construction of these drinking water sources.
“My legislation requires our Department of Environmental Protection to adopt rules and regulations recommended by the National Groundwater Association to ensure that our drinking water is protected from contamination resulting from poorly constructed water wells,” said Rep. Godshall.  “And, because this has been a source of confusion in the past, my legislation clearly prohibits the metering or otherwise taxing the use of private water wells.”
“Improperly constructed water wells can lead to poor water quality by providing pathways for bacteria and contaminants such as naturally occurring shallow methane gas to migrate into water supplies,” said Rep. Harper.  “Ensuring that the well is constructed properly from the start will help to prevent water quality problems in the future.”

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