Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DEP Fines Halliburton $1.8 Million For Repeated Waste Violations

The Department of Environmental Protection Tuesday announced it is fining Halliburton Energy Services $1.8 million for 255 violations of the Solid Waste Management Act between 1999 and 2011.
DEP became aware of the violations in 2011 during an inspection of the facility, and further investigation revealed violations dating back to 1999.
“Our regulations are in place to protect the health and safety of our residents and to preserve our environmental resources,” DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo said. “Halliburton’s repeated disregard of these regulations is unacceptable.”
The violations occurred when the company, at its Homer City facility in Indiana County, stored, treated and transported waste hydrochloric acid without obtaining proper permits from DEP.
During the 12-year time period, Halliburton transported acidic waste, which had originated from various gas well sites, without identifying the waste as “hazardous waste,” without proper hazardous waste trucking records, and without using a licensed hazardous waste transporter. In addition, the company sent the hazardous waste to an unauthorized treatment and disposal operation.
While there is no evidence that Halliburton’s handling of the hazardous waste caused any actual harm to the public or the environment; Halliburton violated state regulations governing the handling, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous waste on hundreds of occasions.
The Consent Assessment of Civil Penalty (CACP) which assesses the fine was signed by DEP and the company on Feb. 7.  By signing the CACP, the company agrees not to appeal the penalty.
For more information, call 412-442-4000.

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