Monday, January 14, 2013

House Appoints Committee Members

The House adopted House Resolution 19 (Micozzie-R-Delaware) appointing members to each of the standing committees.  Some key committee assignments include:

Republicans: Adolph-Chair, *Aument, Boback, Christiana, Day, Denlinger, Ellis, *Everett, Gingrich, Grell, *Grove, Killion, Millard, *Milne, Mustio, *Oberlander, O’Neill, Peifer, Petri, Pyle, Sonney
Democrats: Markosek-Chair, *Boyle, Bradford, Brownlee, *Carroll, Conklin, *Dean, Kula, Mahoney, O’Brien,M, *Parker, Sabatina, *Santarsiero, *Wheatley

Consumer Affairs
Republicans: Godshall-Chair, Delozier, DiGirolamo, Ellis, Farry, Kampf, Kauffman, *Killion, *Masser, Metzgar, Payne, Pickett, Reese, Stephens, Toepel
Democrats: *Daley-Chair, *Bradford, Burns, *Davis, *Kim, Kotik, Matzie, *Molchany, Neuman, White

Republicans: Clymer-Chair, *Aument, Christiana, Emrick, *English, Fleck, Gillen, *Grove, O’Neill,B, Rapp, Reese, Rock, Simmons, Tallman, *Truitt
Democrats: Roebuck-Chair, Carroll, *Clay, Conklin, Harkins, Longietti, *Molchany, O’Brien,M, Santarsiero, Wheatley

Environmental Resources & Energy
Republicans: *Miller-Chair, Causer, Christiana, *Corbin, Everett, Gabler, Krieger, Marshall, Metzgar, *Oberlander, Pyle, Rapp, Ross, *Sankey, *Tobash
Democrats: *Vitali-Chair, Barbin, *Bradford, Carroll, *Farina, *Gibbons, *Harris, *McCarter, Santarsiero, *Snyder

Republicans: Maher-Chair, Bloom, Brooks, Denlinger, *Emerick, *Fee, Fleck, Hahn, Hickernell, Kauffman, Keller,M, Lawrence, Millard, Moul, Reese
Democrats: Petrarca-Chair, Conklin, DeLissio, Kavulich, Kula, Mirabito, Neuman, *Painter, *Rozzi, *Wheatley

*New members

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