Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PennTAP Seeking Industrial Clients To Participate In DOE's Save Energy Now Program

The PA Technical Assistance Program is searching for industrial clients willing to participate in the Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now pilot program.
            This program is aimed at implementing and achieving certification under the American National Standards Institute-accredited Superior Energy Performance program. A central element of Superior Energy Performance includes implementation of the recently published international energy management standard, ISO 50001.
            Successful management teams will have a strong commitment to reducing the energy intensity of their business, prior experience in implementing ISO 9001 and/or 14001 standards, manufacturing energy costs that justify program implementation costs, and the resources to complete certification under the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
            Participation in the pilot will result in personalized coaching and staff training, reduced energy costs, a smaller carbon footprint, and national recognition as being one of the first organizations to certify under the standard.
            The Superior Energy Performance program is a product of a partnership between DOE, the U. S. Council for Energy Efficient Manufacturing, PennTAP, and the DEP Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance.
            Through the Superior Energy Performance program industrial facilities have a roadmap for achieving, documenting and certifying ongoing energy efficiency improvements.         
            Additional program elements include American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards for assessing plant energy systems, an industrial measurement and verification protocol, and certified professionals to provide assistance completing all program elements.
            In Pennsylvania, the Save Energy Now program – now renamed Better Buildings, Better Plants - offers multiple benefits for industry.  PennTAP staffers provide multi-level plant energy assessment services, technical assistance, support for emerging energy-related businesses and technologies, DOE “Best Practices” workshop energy system training via the Penn State Extension, and referrals to other Commonwealth service provider resources.
            More about PennTAP’s services are available online.  More information about DOE’s Better Buildings, Better Plants program can be found online and the Superior Energy Performance Program website.
            Interested businesses should contact Ralene Molina-Kreiser, PennTAP Senior Technical Specialist, at 814-574-0813 or send email to:, for an application and additional information about participating in the program.

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