Friday, October 21, 2011

DEP Accepting Applications For Storm Relief Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention Grants

The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting applications for emergency Storm Relief Grant Funding of 50 percent up to $9,500 from the Commonwealth's Advantage Grant Program for small business pollution prevention.
The Department will continue accepting applications until December 31 or until funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first. (formal notice)
Small Business Storm Relief Advantage is a grant program which may enable a small business to implement pollution prevention project, must prevent or mitigate an imminent threat to public health or safety and can help small businesses cut costs and reduce the risk of potential regulatory problems. Costs incurred after August 26, 2011, and before December 31, 2011, are eligible for grant consideration.
An eligible applicant must be a for-profit small business owner whose business or facility is located within this Commonwealth. All Commonwealth small businesses are eligible, including, but not limited to, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, mining businesses and agricultural concerns. The project to which the grant will apply must be located within the applicant's Commonwealth facility.
A copy of the application and eligibility requirements will be available online at DEP's website using keyword "sradvantage" or by contacting Rhonda Brown, Office of the Small Business Ombudsman by calling 717-772-8909. To ask a specific question concerning a project type, send email to: before submitting an application.

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