Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb. 15 PA Recycling Industries Congress Showcases Economic Importance of Recycling

Private-sector recyclers and companies that use recycled materials to make new products will showcase their contributions to Pennsylvania’s economy at the 2011 Pennsylvania Recycling Industries Congress on February 15 in the Capitol’s East Wing Rotunda.
The first-ever event is being sponsored by the PA Waste Industries Association and the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center.
More than two dozen recyclers and recycled-products companies will have exhibits and displays in the rotunda throughout the day.
“Recycling is a growing and important part of the private-sector waste industry, which contributes $3 billion a year to our Pennsylvania economy and accounts for 31,500 jobs,” said Tim O’Donnell, president of PWIA, which represents private-sector recyclers, waste haulers, and landfill operators. “The Recycling Industries Congress is an opportunity to get this message out to legislators and the public.”
“Pennsylvania is a leading state in terms of the importance of recycling,” said Michele Nestor, chair of the RMC board. “The private sector has invested more than $66 million in recycling facilities, state-of-the-art sorting and processing equipment, and new recycling jobs in Pennsylvania in just the past few years. This event is our opportunity to show how private enterprise has made recycling an important part of our economy.”
O’Donnell and Nestor agreed that Pennsylvania state government has done a good job of creating a favorable climate for the development and growth of recycling but that, ultimately, it’s up to the private sector to make sure recycling operates with a sound business footing and is self-sustaining into the future.
The displays will include videos and models that explain how single-stream recycling works and samples of products made from recycled plastics, paper, glass, and other materials.
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