Friday, December 3, 2010

Rachel Carson Homestead Seeks New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association, a regional organization dedicated to the principles of greater environmental awareness and action promoted by its namesake, announced today the opening of a search for a new executive director.
Following a thorough strategic planning process, the not-for-profit organization has embarked on a program to restore and transform the childhood home of Rachel Carson in Springdale, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, into a center for information and ideas on a healthy environment. Coordinating a capital campaign in support of this transformation will be a major responsibility of the new executive director.
The Association takes it inspiration from Carson, a professional marine biologist who achieved international fame in 1962 for her groundbreaking book, "Silent Spring," which discussed the potential hazards of synthetic pesticides. The Association plans a series of special events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of "Silent Spring" in 2012.
"Rachel Carson stood for strong principles like integrity, open dialogue, and fostering a positive exchange of ideas concerning the environment," said William Schillinger, chairman of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association board. "Our organization stands for those same principles. With the start of our search for a new executive director, we intend to increase efforts to make the Homestead a destination site. It is the primary focus of our group's mission."
The executive director will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organization,along with fund-raising and
other publicly-oriented activities. The search follows the departure of Patricia DeMarco, PhD., who, as executive director of the Homestead Association for the past five years, has been instrumental in growing its programs.
"As we move forward, we are ready to engage new leadership that will manage the Capital Campaign and events surrounding the Homestead's renewal in 2012," said Schillinger. "Much like the impressive span over the Allegheny River that bears Rachel Carson's name, we will continue to build strong bridges focused on active, respectful, dialogue about the challenging environmental issues of our day." he said.

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