Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Public Funding For Drilling-Affected Water Supplies OK'd For Dimock

The PA Infrastructure Investment Authority today approved funding a $11.7 million drinking water project to replace water supplies affected by Marcellus Shale drilling in Dimock, Susquehanna County.
The financing package would give an $11.5 million grant and a $172,000 loan to Pennsylvania American Water to install 5.4 miles of transmission line and 7 miles of distribution line to provide the option of public water to 18 homes with wells affected by drilling. The grant is one of the largest ever given by PennVEST for a single project.
A motion to table the proposal by Sen. Don White (R-Indiana) was defeated at the meeting.
NewsClip: Board Approves Water Line Connection Of Dimock Homes
Link: Scarce Infrastructure Dollars Proposed To Fund Replace Drilling-Affected Water Supplies

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