Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Updated Fish Consumption Advisories Issued For 2010

State officials today released updated fish consumption advisories that include two new fish species and a water body that had not previously been on the list, but also eases or lifts advisories on fish from seven water bodies, including lifting the advisory for Sinnemahoning Creek as a result of Mercury contamination
The advisories were developed through an interagency partnership between the Fish and Boat Commission and the state departments of Environmental Protection, Health and Agriculture.
"Consumption advisories are not intended to discourage anyone from fishing or eating fresh fish in moderation," Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger said. "However, at-risk groups and people who regularly eat sport fish are most susceptible to contaminants that can build up in fish over time and should space out fish meals according to these advisories, and in consultation with their physician."
The advisories do not apply to fish raised for commercial purposes or bought in stores or restaurants. Click here for full announcement.
NewsClip: PA Supreme Court Invalidates PA Rule Setting Mercury Emission Limits

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