Friday, August 28, 2009

Agriculture Certifies Infrastructure In Place To Support Biodiesel Mandate

The Department of Agriculture today issued a report required by the Biofuels Development and In-State Production Act requiring the agency to certify there is sufficient infrastructure in place in Pennsylvania to support the biofuels mandate.
A copy of the report is available online.
According to the report, biodiesel producers currently have a combined production capacity of 110 million gallons on a annual basis from multiple feedstocks, including vegetable oil (26 percent of capacity), grease (24 percent), animal fats (29 percent) and beef tallow or solid animal fats (21 percent).
Of the 43 fuel terminals responding to a Department of Agriculture survey, three currently have biodiesel injection blending capabilities and 14 more facilities will have biodiesel storage and blending capabilities by January 1, 2010 with a total combined capacity of 7.2 million gallons of B2 biodiesel blended product daily. An additional 6 facilities will have blending capacity by July 1, 2010.
As a result of this certification report, effective May 1, 2010 all diesel fuel offered for sale in the Commonwealth will be required to have at least 2 percent biodiesel.
The Department of Environmental Protection is also required to do a study to determine what impact ethanol and biodiesel mandates will have on the state's air quality by December 31, 2009.

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