Thursday, October 9, 2008

PUC Wastes No Time Starting To Implement New Energy Conservation Law

The Public Utility Commission today unanimously approved a Motion to begin implementation of House Bill 2200, which expands the PUC's oversight responsibilities and imposes new requirements on the Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs), with the overall goal of enhancing procurement; reducing energy demand and consumption; and expanding alternative energy sources.
"Yesterday, both the Senate and the House overwhelmingly passed House Bill 2200, which now is on the Governor's desk for signature," said the Joint Motion offered by Commissioners Kim Pizzingrilli and Robert F. Powelson. "As with the passage of any significant piece of legislation, the Commission will convene an internal working group to develop an implementation plan to ensure that guidance is provided to EDCs and that consumers realize the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation measures. The Commission recognizes the importance of implementing this law in a prompt manner, and will move forward with all deliberate speed, while allowing for stakeholder participation and input." (click here for more)

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