Friday, June 30, 2023

DEP Invites Comments On Air Quality Permit For Cryptocurrency Power Generation Facility By Diversified Production, LLC At A Shale Gas Well In Elk County

The Department of Environmental Protection invites comments on a proposed Air Quality Plan Approval for a cryptocurrency power generation facility by Diversified Production, LLC at the Longhorn Pad A shale gas well in Horton Township, Elk County.  (
PA Bulletin, page 3437)

Operation of the proposed equipment would focus on electrical generation and cryptocurrency data mining operations and not unconventional natural gas well site operations or remote pigging (pipeline cleanout operations). 

This project would install four Waukesha engines (each rated at 1,680 bhp) controlled by non-selective catalytic reduction technology. 

Potential emissions from all sources after completion of the project are estimated to be-- in tons per year-- 0.46 volatile organic compounds; 12.31 nitrogen oxides, 21.63 carbon monoxide, 5.61 Particluate 10 , and 3.39 hazardous air pollutants.

Public comments are due July 31.

Instructions for a permit application file review, how to submit comments or request a public hearing are available in the PA Bulletin notice.   (PA Bulletin, page 3437)

Questions on the application should be directed to Dave Balog, New Source Review Chief, DEP Northwest Regional Office, at 814-332-6328.

[Posted: June 30, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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