Tuesday, May 14, 2019

DEP Orders Energy Transfer To Restore Waterways Impacted During Construction Of Revolution Pipeline In 4 Counties

On May 14, the Department of Environmental Protection announced as part of the ongoing investigation into the September 10, 2018, Revolution Pipeline explosion in Center Township, Beaver County, has issued an ordered to ETC Northeast Pipeline LLC to identify and restore or mitigate all streams and wetlands that it illegally eliminated or altered during the construction of the Revolution Pipeline.
The Revolution Pipeline is approximately 40.5 miles long and runs through Jackson Township, Butler County; New Sewickley, Conway, Center, Raccoon and Independence Townships, Beaver County; Findlay Township, Allegheny County and Robinson and Smith Townships, Washington County.
“DEP’s investigation of the explosion and the construction of the pipeline has found numerous violations impacting the streams and wetlands located along the length of the pipeline,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “This order continues our strong commitment to hold all pipeline operators accountable for any actions that illegally impact Pennsylvania’s environment.”
While constructing the pipeline, ETC illegally eliminated at least 23 streams by removing and/or filling the stream channels with soil, resulting in a loss of 1,857 feet of stream channel; changed the length of 120 streams by manipulating and/or filling the stream channels with soil, resulting in a loss of 1,310 feet of stream channel; and eliminated at least 17, and altered 70, wetlands by manipulating and/or filling wetlands with soil.  
ETC failed to identify these impacts in its application materials and they were not allowed by the Erosion and Sediment Control General permits or the encroachment permits issued for the project.  
ETC has yet to perform a full assessment of the pipeline to identify all wetlands and streams impacted by pipeline construction, nor has it determined if the impacted streams and wetlands can be restored or if it will be necessary to provide mitigation.
ETC’s actions violated Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law, Dam Safety and Encroachments Act, and Oil & Gas Act of 2012, as well as Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (Chapter 102) and Dam Safety and Waterway Management Regulations (Chapter 105).
DEP is ordering ETC to investigate all areas disturbed by earthmoving during construction along the entire length of the pipeline, to identify all impacted streams and wetlands, and submit a report summarizing the results of that investigation.
ETC must also submit and implement a plan and schedule to restore or mitigate all impacted streams and wetlands, and then monitor the success of the restoration and mitigation.
Click Here for a copy of the order issued by DEP. Media questions should be directed to Elizabeth Rementer, DEP Press Secretary, 717-787-1323 or send email to: erementer@pa.gov.
The Revolution Pipeline explosion continues to the focus of an active and ongoing investigation by the Public Utility Commission's Pipeline Safety Division.
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