Friday, January 19, 2018

House, Senate Appropriations Budget Hearing Schedule Now Set

With the publication of the House Appropriations Committee budget hearing schedule Tuesday, the dates for Senate and House hearings on agency budgets are now set.  Key environmental budget hearings will be--
-- February 20-- House: 10:00- Independent Fiscal Office
-- February 20-- Senate: 1:00- Independent Fiscal Office
-- February 22-- House: 1:00- Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; 10:00- Department of Transportation
-- February 26-- House: 10:00- Department of Environmental Protection; 3:00- Department of Agriculture
-- February 26-- Senate: 3:00- Department of Transportation
-- February 28-- Senate: 1:00- Department of Agriculture; 3:00- Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
-- March 1-- Senate: 3:00- Department of Environmental Protection
-- March 8-- House: 10:00- Governor’s Budget Secretary
-- March 8-- Senate: 1:00- Governor’s Budget Secretary
All House budget hearings will be held in Room 140 of the Main Capitol in Harrisburg.  Click Here to watch the hearing online.  Click Here for the full House budget hearing schedule.
All Senate budget hearings will be in Hearing Room 1, North Office Building.  Hearings are typically webcast on the Committee webpage.  Click Here for the full Senate budget hearing schedule.
The Governor’s Budget Address is February 6.

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