Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Adopt-A-Passive Treatment System Volunteer Training A Success At Slippery Rock

On March 26, a brand new group of volunteers were provided training for the Adopt-A-Passive Treatment System Program. Twenty-one volunteers participated in the training event. About fifteen of the volunteers were students from Slippery Rock University.
Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition participants Wil Taylor of the Jennings Environmental Education Center and Cliff Denholm of Stream Restoration Incorporated conducted the training.
During the training session, volunteers learned about how to conduct site inspections and how to use water quality test kits to determine how the passive treatment systems are performing.
The volunteers also learned how to enter their data onto Datashed. Datashed is a free online tool to assist watershed groups, government agencies, volunteers, students, and industry in storing and analyzing water quality information from passive treatment systems.
Datashed users can share tips, strategies, and news about the operation and maintenance of their systems.
In addition, the volunteers learned about the SRWC, the coal mining history of Pennsylvania, how acid mine drainage forms, and various treatment options. The volunteers will receive additional site-specific training when they visit the treatment systems they will be monitoring.
The Coalition greatly appreciates the Jennings Environmental Education Center for once again hosting our event and thank the following volunteers who attended the training session: Jordan Ayoub, Zane Barger, Janine Berner, Heather Bloom, Andy Franze, Gavin Garrigan, Katherine Harry, Jeff Henderson, Abigail Hopkins, Matt Kaercher, Emily Kirkwood, Henry Kramer, Wyatt Moyer Ty Rex, Anya Schrier, Luke Sherer, Courtney Slavic, Taylor Smith, Maddie Stanisch, Megan Stephenson, Henry Thornton.
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(Reprinted from the April Catalyst newsletter from the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition.)

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