Friday, February 3, 2017

DEP’s Updated Non-Regulatory Agenda Now Available

The Department of Environmental Protection published its latest Non-Regulatory Agenda on February 2 listing technical guidance the agency will propose and finalize over the next year or so. (formal notice) Among the guidance documents to be considered are--
-- Public Participation
-- Policy For Development & Publication Of Technical Guidance - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Policy For Development, Approval & Availability Of Regulations - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Policy On Public Participation Of Regulations & Guidance - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Policy On Interacting With Advisory Committee Guidance - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Coal Mining
-- Surface Water Protection Evaluation For Underground Mines Guidance - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Civil Penalty Assessments - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Oil & Gas Management
-- Emergency Response Planning For Unconventional Well Sites - Draft 2nd Quarter
-- Civil Penalty Assessments - 3rd Quarter Draft
-- Public Resources Impact screening - Draft 4th Quarter
-- Noise Control At Unconventional Well Sites - Draft 4th Quarter
-- Area Of Review Requirements For Unconventional Wells - Final 4th Quarter
-- Replacement Water Supplies - Final 3rd Quarter
-- Radon
-- PA Radon Mitigation Standards For Contractors - Draft 4th Quarter
-- Air Quality
-- Air Quality Permit Review, Inspection Protocol - Draft 2nd Quarter
A copy of the February 2 DEP’s Non-Regulatory Agenda is available online.

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