Monday, January 9, 2017

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Launches New Distance Education Programs

The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary education team Monday launched its new Distance Education programs, which are offered free of charge for any participating class or group.
Financial, transportation, geographic, and time constraints can prevent schools and other groups from taking field trips.  Distance education allows students anywhere to engage and learn about raptors without having to attend the Sanctuary.
Learning is facilitated via the Skype videoconferencing platform and supports incorporating technology in the classroom (STEM). Student engagement is assured via the use of a raptor trunk filled with learning materials used during the program and sent prior to the program.
Program topics include the history of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, raptor adaptations, migration strategies, types of raptors, trapping and tracking (data and migration movements), conservation efforts, and a live raptor.  
Programs can be modified according to classroom needs.
Programs are aligned with the Department of Education’s Environment and Ecology Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  
Raptor trunks are available for elementary and middle school levels at this time, and the high school level trunk will be available at the beginning of June. The trunks contain materials and resources for use before, during and after the program.
"We love the idea of extending our educational reach, and allowing students across the country access to the same advantages of a field trip to Hawk Mountain. Moving forward, we would like to branch out internationally, working with schools in Central and South America," says Director of Education Erin Brown.
For more information, visit Hawk Mountain’s Distance Education webpage or the Hawk Mountain blog and podcast.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary website or call 610-756-6961. The Sanctuary is located in Berks County. Click Here to sign up for regular updates from the Sanctuary, Like them on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, visit them on Flickr, be part of their Google+ Circle and visit their YouTube Channel.

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