Friday, October 7, 2016

Local Governments Remain Committed To Municipal Waste Recycling Despite Challenges

The October issue of PA Township News from the PA State Association of Township Supervisors features an article reviewing the challenges faced by local governments in implementing the basic Act 101 Municipal Waste Recycling Program.
As Local Governments Remain Committed To Recycling Despite Challenges by Assistant PA Township News Editor Brenda Wilt points out, you might not hear about recycling as much these days, nearly 30 years after it became a statewide requirement.  Nonetheless, recycling programs are still going strong across the Commonwealth, and where municipalities lack the resources to provide the service, counties often step in to take up the slack.
The main points of the article include--
-- Rural Recycling: Some rural townships are committed to providing recycling services despite the cost and lackluster participation. Joint equipment purchases and fee-based operations help them make ends meet.
-- Counties Take Up The Slack: With some rural municipalities lacking the resources to provide convenient access to recycling, county solid waste authorities reach beyond their borders to help underserved communities.
-- Promote Sustainable Recycling Programs: For townships struggling to afford a recycling program, there are things you can do to make it more sustainable: First, think about cooperating with other municipalities to reduce costs; Second, look at the contracts you have with processors: how they are set up, whether they include a fuel escalator cause, and so on; and Third, Townships should also look at what kinds of recyclables they are collecting and what condition they are in. Townships should make sure to collect recyclables that have intrinsic value.
-- Help With Recycling: Both DEP and the PA Recycling Markets Center offer Townships help to improve their recycling programs.
The article provides excellent, real-world examples of how Townships and counties are adapting their recycling programs to be more sustainable.
Click Here for a PDF copy of the article with illustrations.
For information on how to subscribe, visit the PSATS PA Township News webpage.
More information on Pennsylvania’s recycling programs is available on DEP’s Recycling In Pennsylvania and Recycling Technical Assistance webpages.
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