Friday, August 5, 2016

PJM Holding Grid 20/20 Forum On Public Policy Goals, Market Efficiency Aug. 18

Examining the role of public policy in shaping the future electric marketplace is the focus of the next PJM Interconnection Grid 20/20 forum, Public Policy Goals & Market Efficiency, which will be held August 18.
It will be held at the PJM Conference & Training Center, 2750 Monroe Boulevard, Valley Forge Corporate Center in Audubon, Montgomery County.
This forum will focus on the confluence of market design and public policy goals. Industry experts and regulatory officials will explore various pathways in which market rules can accommodate policy goals without distorting market principles.
“We know the market can produce the most efficient and reliable resource investment outcomes,” said Andrew L. Ott, president and CEO. “We also recognize that market rules can be designed to accommodate environmental, social and political interests while still performing their paramount mission – which is delivering the most cost-efficient resources needed to serve customers reliably.”
Forum topics include: Preservation of the status quo; Altering the Minimum Offer Price Rule; Restructuring the procurement process; and Non-traditional approaches.
PJM conducts Grid 20/20 forums to share information and ideas about key topics in the electric power industry.  There is no cost to attend the event at the , but registration is required.

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