Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DEP Assesses $42,500 Penalty Against CWM Cleveland Environmental Lab

The Department of Environmental Protection Wednesday announced it has fined CWM Environmental, Inc. $42,500 for violations at their Cleveland, OH lab. These violations were of the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act.
In October 2014, DEP’s Laboratory Accreditation Program conducted a regularly scheduled on-site assessment of the CWM Cleveland lab and found that the laboratory’s management was not properly monitoring the laboratory to ensure that the laboratory generated valid and accurate test results, said Dr. Martina McGarvey, director of the DEP Bureau of Laboratories.
In addition, the Department found numerous violations during its data review and during the corrective action process.
Based upon the DEP’s assessment, CWM Environmental agreed to voluntarily relinquish CWM Environmental Cleveland’s organic chemistry accreditations in June 2015 and on August 31, 2015 all of the Cleveland laboratory’s Pennsylvania accreditations expired.
Pennsylvania DEP was CWM Environmental Cleveland’s primary National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program accreditation body.
CWM Environmental Cleveland performed primarily commercial environmental services to outside customers testing non-potable water and solid and chemical materials.
In addition to the $42,500 fine and the lab’s relinquishment of accreditations, CWM Cleveland has not reapplied for Pennsylvania accreditation.
For more information on the accreditation, visit DEP’s Laboratory Accreditation webpage.

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