Tuesday, May 10, 2016

National Geographic Unveils Scenic, Wild Delaware River Geotourism Initiative

Businesses, organizations, elected officials, the National Park Service and community leaders participating recently participated in the Scenic, Wild Delaware River Geotourism initiative and introduced America’s newest and most compelling travel destination: the “Scenic, Wild Delaware River.”
The Scenic, Wild Delaware River region offers unique cultural, recreational and natural experiences along the upper and middle Delaware River. Its attractions lay within a few hours’ drive of New York City, Newark and Philadelphia.
Here visitors can fish, swim and canoe in a river carved by geologic time and human history. They can connect with nature by watching eagles soar overhead and deer browse in forests and fields.
The family can enjoy waterfalls that make the heart leap, learn to catch a fish downstream and picnic along the river’s banks. Visitors can discover friendly towns steeped in culture and history nestled among a postcard landscape from a bygone era.
National Geographic unveiled the Scenic, Wild Delaware River MapGuide.
Created in coordination with National Geographic Maps, the MapGuide is an interactive travel website featuring more than 600 landmarks, natural resources, attractions, activities, events, lodging and dining venues nominated for inclusion in the MapGuide by local residents, businesses, organizations, public and private land managers, educators and community establishments.
The MapGuide aims to attract a niche market of national and international geotourists to the Scenic, Wild Delaware River region.
This resource will serve national and international tourists seeking culturally and naturally authentic places, and it will allow visitors access to travel advice from local residents in order to create their own itineraries.
The announcement included leaders from the Scenic, Wild Delaware River Geotourism Stewardship Council, along with James Dion, National Geographic Maps’ director of tourism programs. Speakers will showcase how to use the new travel website and announce projects for the coming year.
Businesses, sites and attractions that appear in the new MapGuide were also represented.
For more information, visit the National Geographic’s Scenic, Wild Delaware River MapGuide website.
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