Thursday, May 12, 2016

DEP Participates In Luzerne County Save The River Earth Day Celebration

"Save the River by Recycling and not Polluting the Air"  was the theme of a Department of Environmental Protection booth at Earth Day Celebration 2016 at RiverFront Park in Kingston, Luzerne County on April 22.  
DEP Northeast Regional Air Quality employees Chris Ostrowski and Brandi Thear, along with Community Relations Coordinator Colleen Connolly, demonstrated how DEP tests for pollutants in the air and how clean air goes along with preserving the earth.
Ostrowski used a hand-held monitoring device to show how the department tests for VOCs, nitrates, CO and other pollutants. The 1,000 students who attended also learned how recycling can be a valuable tool in keeping the earth clean by not clogging up landfills or rivers with plastics, glass or paper.
(Photo: DEP's Chris Ostrowski demonstrates a hand-held air quality monitoring device to students.)
(Reprinted from the May 12 DEP News. Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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