Monday, April 18, 2016

Sustainable Energy Fund Announces July 25-27 Student/Teacher Energy Camp Series

The Sustainable Energy Fund Monday reminded students and teachers of a pre-conference series of Energy Camps will lead into Energypath 2016, the largest sustainable energy conference in Pennsylvania.
Each camp, held July 25 through 27 on Penn State University’s main campus in State College, is designed to provide attendees with the highest level of insight from leading industry professionals and thought leaders.
“Whether someone is interested in an introduction to sustainable energy or wants to learn more about specific types of technology, our Energy Camps have a lot to offer,” said John Costlow, president and CEO of Sustainable Energy Fund. “As we head into Energypath 2016, these are great opportunities for attendees to immerse themselves in the latest sustainable energy technologies and trends.”
In addition to an introduction to sustainable energy, industry experts will lead a series of modality-focused camp programs, which include:
-- Wind: Camp attendees will learn basic and advanced concepts as well as assist in constructing a temporary wind turbine on campus.
-- Solar: In this hands-on camp attendees will leave with an in depth understanding of how solar PV units function and erect a 3 kW solar array.
-- Biomass: This 3-day technical session will provide participants with a theoretical and interactive introduction to biomass and biofuels including conducting biomass gasification and creation of biofuel in the lab.
-- Passive House Strategies: The lecture-based camp will cover passive house design principles used to attain a quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency within a specific quantifiable comfort level. This course is approved for AIA and BPI continuing education credits.
-- Micro Hydro: Attendees will learn about Micro hydroelectricity, an under-utilized technology that has the potential to deliver substantial energy with a small power system and minimal environmental impacts.
-- Fuel Cell/Energy Storage: This 3-day camp will provide participants with an understanding of Fuel Cell Technology and Energy Storage Systems as well as how they integrate together to make sustainable systems.
Energypath 2016 runs from July 28 through July 29 and will feature renowned futurologist Jack Uldrich as the Energypath Dinner keynote speaker.
Student Science Fair
In addition to Energy Camps, Energypath also includes panel discussions, presentations and a science fair for middle and high school students.
Energy Sprout Competition
The conference also features a competition for innovative products and business models, Energy Sprout. The competition will award a top grant of $100,000 to a business or individual.  Proposals are due May 3.
For more information and how to register, visit the SEF’s Energy Camps webpage.  Conference information is available at the Energypath 2016 website.

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