Thursday, April 21, 2016

PPL Electric Customers Saving $250 Million/Year By Reducing Energy Use

PPL Electric Utilities customers are saving more than a quarter of a billion dollars per year on their electric bills by using the company's energy efficiency programs designed to help them use energy wisely.
At the same time, residents and businesses have cut their electricity usage by more than two billion kilowatt-hours per year -- the equivalent of taking 327,000 cars off the road.
"Saving energy is good for the pocketbook and for the planet," said Pete Cleff, manager of the company's energy efficiency programs. "And our customers will save even more in years to come."
Taking advantage of PPL Electric Utilities' large variety of energy efficiency programs, customers have installed energy efficient lights, insulated and weatherized their homes and businesses, received in-home energy audits, recycled old refrigerators, and put in energy efficient equipment like HVAC, refrigeration, water heaters and appliances.
Since 2010, PPL Electric Utilities customers have:
-- Recycled more than 86,000 appliances
-- Installed 13.8 million compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs
-- Received more than $192 million in cash incentives such as rebates
Also, about 41,000 low-income customers received energy efficiency equipment and services.
All told, hundreds of thousands of PPL's customers have participated in one or more of PPL's energy efficiency programs, including homes, businesses, commercial and industrial customers, and government and educational institutions.
There will be even more savings in years to come. In the next phase, which starts in June and runs through May 2021, PPL's energy efficiency programs are projected to save customers an additional 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours per year.
More information about these programs, which are in support of Pennsylvania Act 129 requiring electric companies to help customers reduce energy use, will be communicated to customers soon.
For more information, visit PPL’s Save Energy & More webpage.

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