Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peregrine Falcon Nesting Season To Begin Mid-Feb, Live HBG Falcon Cam Now Online

Around mid-February, the peregrine falcon adults nesting on the Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg will fittingly renew their pair bond and spend more time together at the nest ledge.
Viewers can observe the falcon pair exhibiting ritual courtship behavior. This courtship behavior includes vocal interactions, hunting skills, food offerings and spectacular displays of flight.
The male does these acts seemingly to demonstrate his ability to be a good provider. The first egg should arrive around mid-March.
The male is entering his 13th year. He fledged from the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia in 2003. The nearly 7 year old female fledged from the PA/NJ Turnpike Bridge in Bucks County in 2009.
Click Here to watch the Falcon cam live.  Click Here for news and still photos on the falcon nest on the Rachel Carson Building falcons.  Click Here to follow on Twitter.

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