Friday, February 5, 2016

DEP Publishes Update To Agenda Of Technical Guidance In Development

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the February 6 PA Bulletin (page 726) saying an update to the agency’s Non-Regulatory Agenda is now available on DEP’s website.  
The Agenda provides notice of changes to or new technical guidance the agency is considering and has in development.
Some items of interest from the Agenda--
-- BMPs for Noise Control At Unconventional Gas Wells - 2nd Quarter - Draft
-- Water Quality Toxics Management Strategy - 4th Quarter - Draft
-- Closure Requirements For Underground Storage Tank Systems - 3rd Quarter - Draft
-- Closure Requirements For Aboveground Storage Tank Systems - 3rd Quarter - Draft
-- Land Recycling Vapor Intrusion Into Buildings - 3rd Quarter - Final
-- Land Recycling Program Technical Manual - 4th Quarter - Draft
-- Management Of Fill - 1st Quarter - Final
-- Radioactivity Monitoring At Waste Facilities - 2nd Quarter - Draft
-- PA Radon Mitigation Standards - 4th Quarter - Draft
-- Air Quality Permit Review Protocol - 3rd Quarter - Draft
-- Rescinding Pittsburgh Low-RVP Gasoline Requirement - 2nd Quarter
-- Stage II Penalty Assessment Guidance - 2nd Quarter - Draft
-- Stage II Testing Requirements - 2nd Quarter - Draft
DEP published its first Non-Regulatory Agenda on August 8 of last year (PA Bulletin page 4546).
The agenda was developed in response to a recommendation from DEP’s Citizens Advisory Council as a tool to increase public participation and transparency and is similar to the Regulatory Agenda published in July by DEP.
The new updated Agenda will be available on DEP’s website.

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