Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Carnegie Mellon First Ever Energy Week March 14-18 In Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon’s Scott Institute for Energy Innovation invites members of the public, students, industry, non-governmental organizations and foundation to attend the inaugural Energy Week March 14-18 at the CMU campus in Pittsburgh.
Each day of Energy Week has a theme: energy research, policy, innovation, education (including an Energy Tech Expo), and Field Trips!
Keynote speakers include: Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Secretary and Lynn Orr, DOE Under Secretary for Science and Energy as well as Bunker Roy, founder of Barefoot College, an organization that works to teach women in rural villages how to install and maintain solar collectors.
Energy Week includes industry-focused roundtables on a variety of topics: the Southwest Pennsylvania energy workforce; industry energy efficiency; energy innovation and entrepreneurship of small- and mid-sized energy companies.
On March 15, Andrew McElwaine, Senior Program Director for Sustainability and the Environment at The Heinz Endowments will be part of a panel discussion “Reflection on Energy Policy Forum and Fireside Chats” along with Davitt Woodwell, President & CEO of the PA Environmental Council.
On March 16, Brian Hill, Senior Program Officer, Richard King Mellon Foundation, will be the moderator for the Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable.
In addition, Energy Week participants can sign up for field trips to interesting energy sites in the Western Pennsylvania region. We will also have a “brain swap” where faculty and industry leaders will exchange perspectives on energy research and education at CMU and their companies.
Throughout participants will see and hear interesting talks and presentations by Carnegie Mellon faculty and students.
For questions about the program or if you are interested in hosting a field trip, contact Dr. Deborah Stine, Associate Director, Scott Institute at: dstine@andrew.cmu.edu.
For information on sponsorships or exhibiting in the Energy Tech Expo, please contact Laurie Powell at: LPowell@eventPower.com or 703-740-1940.
For a detailed again and to register, visit the CMU Energy Week website.

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