Friday, January 8, 2016

Stroud, Partners Accepting Critical Zone Science Student, Teacher Applications

Stroud Water Research Center, Penn State University and the University of Delaware are now accepting applications from undergraduates and K-12 teachers interested in Earth Sciences under the Critical Zone Science Program.  The deadline for applications is February 15.
The Earth’s Critical Zone -- from the tops of the trees to the bottom of the groundwater -- is a constantly evolving boundary layer where rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms interact.
Water and atmospheric gases move through the porous Critical Zone, and living systems thrive in its surface and subsurface environments, shaped over time by biota, geology, and climate.
The CZO REU/RET Site will introduce undergraduate students and K-12 teachers to Critical Zone science.
In June, participants will travel to Pennsylvania to gain a broad understanding of the geology, hydrology, ecology, soils, and land use of the Piedmont and Appalachian Mountain Valley and Ridge physiographic provinces.
Working as a community of peers, CZO REU/RET participants will pursue interdisciplinary research to better understand the interconnectedness of Critical Zone processes.
Activities may include building and deploying environmental sensors and field instrumentation; geophysical surveys with ground penetrating radar; groundwater, surface water, and soil sampling; plant studies; GIS; and managing large data sets.
Click Here to download a program flyer.
For all the details on how to apply, visit the Critical Zone Science Program webpage.

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