Friday, January 22, 2016

State Price Gouging Law Now In Effect During Winter Emergency

The Office of Attorney General Friday cautioned both Pennsylvania consumers and businesses to be aware of the potential for price gouging following the State of Emergency declaration made by Gov. Tom Wolf Thursday.
The price gouging restrictions prohibit anyone involved in the sale or distribution of consumer goods or services from "unconscionably excessive" increases above average prices during the emergency and for 30 days after its conclusion.
The state's Price Gouging Act gives the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection the authority to investigate price gouging complaints and allows for penalties of up to $10,000 per violation, along with restitution and injunctive relief.
The restrictions required by the act not only apply to businesses involved in direct consumer sales, but also to manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors of consumer products and services.
The Attorney General’s Office also advised consumers to follow the Public Utility Commission's tips for residents during power outages, including calling utility companies instead of 9-1-1 if power is lost. Commonwealth residents also are encouraged to limit travel during power outages involving downed power lines.
Consumers can report potential price gouging by calling the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection helpline at 800-441-2555 or by filing a consumer complaint online.
Click Here for background on Gov. Wolf’s emergency declaration Thursday.  A copy of the emergency declaration is available online.
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  1. Oil companies at it again. Can anyone explain to me how gasoline prices can go up $0.24 cents per gallon in just 2 days. Witnessed it with my own eyes all around Greater NE Phila. on 8/30 - 31 and 9/1. Many stations at $2.59 per gallon now selling at $2.83 per gallon. Tell me that's not price gouging because of the catastrophe in Texas and Louisana. I also heard from the president of the Gasoline Owners that the Texas refinery shutdown should not affect the East Coast to substancially. Something smells and it not the stench from the cleanup underway down in TX and LA.


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