Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Op-Ed: Why Scranton Products Believes Ethical Business, Education Go Hand In Hand

By David Casal, Scranton Products

One of the foundations of the Scranton Products business model is to be ethical in every aspect of our practice. We believe that the environmentally friendly and sustainable production and usage of recyclable materials goes a long way for our customers as well as the environment around us.
Not only do we work to provide these eco-friendly products, but we also aim to educate our customers about the benefits of an environmentally friendly approach. You can see below how we answer typical questions that our customer have for us.
-- When Did Scranton Products Decide to Focus on Using Sustainable Materials in Their Products?
When our company was founded 25 years ago, we implemented the ideology that our product line should be approached with sustainability in mind. Through our years in business, we have stayed consistent in this belief and have seen many rewarding benefits.
Decreasing a facility’s or building’s environmental footprint is our overall goal, and we support this by working with 100 percent post-consumer materials that can easily be recycled. Plus, when a facility manager chooses Scranton Products for their materials, they will gain points for LEED certification.
-- Has the Company Had to Make Any Sacrifices Because of This Choice?
While we have made it a priority to provide sustainable products and educate our customers on the environmental benefits they provide, we’ve had to sacrifice a full lineup of materials that our competition offers.
However, the full range of materials offered by our competition allows them to bypass the education of their materials because no matter what material is chosen or specified, they provide it.
We have made the commitment to educate our buyers about the many benefits of our eco-friendly products and help them understand the long-term savings they’ll receive when they pass on sales offering lesser materials.
-- Does the Company Think That More Businesses Will Make an Adjustment to Be Green?
Unfortunately, in today’s market, it seems that many companies are less concerned with green initiatives and more concerned with their bottom line. This is the reason we strive to educate the buyers within the market.
We need the end users and design community to drive the demand for better, more eco-friendly products for both the sake of our environment and their buildings or facilities.
Providing our customers with education about our eco-friendly products and materials is how we work to be more environmentally friendly. With our competition, you won’t be able to find the same type of transparency. Their biggest concern is taking your money.
This regression from green initiatives is what we avoid, and we don’t want you to make a crucial mistake when selecting your new materials.
To learn more about the benefits of Scranton Products’ eco-friendly lineup, you can see why we chose to use HDPE plastic or call us at (800) 445-5148.

David Casal is Director of Sales Administration & Marketing, Scranton Products, a manufacturer of sustainable locker and restroom partitions, shower stalls and other products.  Visit Here to learn more about the Scranton Products Duralife Unlocker Challenge Video Competition for Schools to win lockers and scholarships.

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