Thursday, December 3, 2015

Penn State Extension Rain To Drain Stormwater Curriculum Now Available

Rain to Drain - Slow the Flow is a hands-on stormwater education curriculum available from Penn State Extension and Pennsylvania 4-H.
This experiment style series of activities leads youth and adults to a better understanding of the movement of stormwater in natural and developed communities. It's also a great introduction to green infrastructure and stormwater best management practices.
It is designed to be used by middle-school aged youth; it is also easily adaptable to older and younger youth and also for adults.
It is easy to use in classrooms, 4-H clubs, afterschool programs, nature centers, scout meetings and even independently.
The materials needed to complete the activities are easy to find around the house or in most grocery and craft stores. They are also minimal and affordable.
Click Here for all the details.

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