Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sustainable Food Project 2014 Students For Sustainability Challenge

The Sustainable Food Project is excited to announce the Students For Sustainability Challenge, a competition open to all high school and undergraduate college students.
The Students For Sustainability Challenge engages teams of high school and undergraduate students to develop and present concepts and innovations on how to feed the world sustainably and improve global food security.
Students team with like-minded classmates and faculty advisors to rethink a self-selected issue concerning sustainable production, processing and/or distribution of nutritious food. Any relevant, sustainable innovative solution will be considered.
Teams approach their Challenge using one of three Pathways to Discovery:
-- Behavior—Study processes for adopting more sustainable food solutions
-- Design—Conceive a system to produce, process or distribute food more sustainablu.
-- Technology—Invent a device or method to enhance sustainability
Challenge subjects include Agriculture, Environmental Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Economics.
“The Students For Sustainability Challenge is an exciting opportunity for teachers and professors to help students realize the relevance of their areas of study,” said SFP Youth Program Chair, Shane Stevenson.  “$25,000 in cash prizes will be awarded. Participating students articulate their ideas and know-how into solutions for making a difference in solving our world’s environmental and hunger challenges.”
First Prize is $ 10,000 All ages/categories; 2nd Prizes, $ 5,000 (1 University, 1 High School); and 3rd Prizes, $ 1,000 (2 University, 2 High School, 1 At-Large).
Funding for the Challenge is provided in part by the Sustainable Food Project , an independent non-profit initiative of Sustainable Food Pavilion, Inc, a registered public charity. Individual contributions to the Challenge are matched up to $25,000 by a private grant.
Registration for the Challenge opens September 1.   To pre-register and for more information, visit the Students For Sustainability Challenge.

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