Friday, January 31, 2014

Governor’s Office Publishes Regulatory Agenda For Next 6 Months

The Governor’s Office published its semi-annual Regulatory Agenda for the next six months in the February 1 PA Bulletin (page 709) outlining pending and planned regulatory changes from the departments of Agriculture, Environmental Protection, Conservation and Natural Resources and other state agencies.
Notable regulatory changes include--
-- Clean and Green, Agriculture Conservation Easement Program
-- Pesticide Program fee changes
Conservation & Natural Resources
-- Changes to Native Wild Plant species listings
Environmental Protection
-- Updating Noncoal Mining
-- Water Supply Replacement related to coal mining
-- Updating Remining Requirements
-- Federal coal mining consistency changes
-- Designating Big Run Watershed, Clearfield County unsuitable for coal mining
-- Financial Guarantees for mining reclamation
-- Handling and Use of Explosives
-- Finalizing Chapter 78 drilling regulations
-- Updating Chapter 78 regulations relating to casing, cementing and other requirements
-- Updating underground Coal Mine Safety regulations
-- Revising the Total Coliform Rule in the Drinking Water Program
-- Updating the Nutrient Credit Trading and Offset Program
-- Making changes related to sewage module approvals in HQ, EV watersheds
-- Clarify training requirements in the Sewage Enforcement Officer Program
-- Revising standards for on-lot septic systems, experimental and alternate systems
-- Setting new particulate emission standards
-- Setting new Reasonably Available Control Technology Requirements for NOx, VOC emissions
-- Eliminating the use of Stage II VOC controls at service stations
-- Updating medical and chemotherapeutic waste regulations
-- Updating cleanup standards under the Land Recycling Program
Environmental Hearing Board
-- Finalizing changes in rules of procedure

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