Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DEP Gives Update On Trainer Crude Oil Spill In Delaware River

DEP emergency responders reacted immediately when notified yesterday afternoon of a crude oil spill at the Monroe Energy refinery in Trainer, Delaware County. 
           DEP emergency responders joined the U.S. Coast Guard and other members of an incident management team to assess the release of about 1,000 gallons of oil into the Delaware River.
          Monroe Energy promptly reported the spill, which occurred when a pipe ruptured as crews were off-loading crude oil, and took the necessary actions to minimize environmental impacts.
          “While any spill into our waterways is unacceptable, reporting protocols were followed and we were able to respond quickly and effectively - the frigid weather and quick containment response have helped to minimize the impacts of this incident,” DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo said. “DEP staff is on the scene and will continue to monitor and assist with the cleanup until it has been completed, and we will review the cause of this incident to determine whether additional action is warranted.” 

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