Monday, September 12, 2011

Coldwater Heritage Partnership Now Accepting 2012 Grant Applications

The Coldwater Heritage Partnership Monday announced the opening of the 2012 Coldwater Conservation Grants Program. The program provides two grant opportunities, which help to protect and conserve the health of Pennsylvania’s coldwater ecosystems.
Applications for grants will be accepted through December 16.
The two grant opportunities are:
-- Planning Grant: designed to help develop a conservation plan that identifies the values and threats that impact the health of our coldwater ecosystems that have naturally reproducing trout. The collected information can be used as a catalyst for more comprehensive planning or for development of watershed improvements projects.
-- Implementation Grant: designed to provide funding to projects identified in completed coldwater conservation plans. Potential projects must enhance, conserve or protect the coldwater stream for which the coldwater conservation plan was originally completed.
The Coldwater Heritage Partnership urges watershed groups, conservation districts, municipalities and local chapters of Trout Unlimited to apply.
The Coldwater Heritage Partnership provides technical assistance and funding support for the evaluation, conservation and protection of Pennsylvania’s coldwater streams. Grants averaging around $7,000, will beawarded to organizations to outline strategies and complete implementation projects that best conserve and protect our coldwater fisheries.
Besides offering grants, CHP works to: foster greater public understanding of watershed characteristics and how they affect coldwater ecosystems; identify special areas of concern, such as areas with exceptional water quality and high potential for impacts; and provide technical assistance and financial opportunities to organizations dedicated to protecting our coldwater ecosystems.
The CHP is a cooperative effort of PA Council of Trout Unlimited, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Fish and Boat Commission and the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds.
For more information, contact PATU Coldwater Resource Specialist Samantha Kutskel at 814-359-5233, or visit the Coldwater Heritage Partnership website.

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