Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild Resource Conservation Program Now Accepting Grant Applications

The Wild Resource Conservation Program is now accepting applications for projects to study, conserve and protect Pennsylvania's animal and plant species from an increasing number of environmental stresses, including habitat fragmentation and loss, invasive species, climate change, and the effects of energy extraction and distribution.
Applications are due June 30.
This year’s grant priorities are focused on quantifying those risks and monitoring the impacts. The Program will be accepting grant applications for the following types of projects:
-- Compiling and analyzing existing population and distribution data for at-risk species.
-- Identifying communities, habitats, and natural systems most at risk from environmental stressors.
-- Monitoring species and natural systems’ responses to environmental stressors.
-- Developing predictive models for population and distribution changes of at-risk species.
-- Monitoring and developing predictive distribution models for new invasive species and pathogens that may affect our native species and natural systems.
-- Critical Conservation Needs.
Visit the Wild Resource Conservation Program website for more details about this year’s grant priorities and to apply online.

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