Monday, May 16, 2011

Sen. Scarnati Introduces Marcellus Shale Impact Fee Langauge

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) today introduced the language for a local impact fee on Marcellus Shale companies as Senate Bill 1100.
"While I recognize that even though the language has been put into legislative form, this issue is still a work in progress," Sen. Scarnati stated. "My main objective with this bill is to ensure our local municipalities, where drilling takes place, receive a fee to assist with road improvements, water and sewage issues, as well as other community enhancements."
According to Sen. Scarnati, there has been significant progress made over the past couple of weeks to improve the proposal.
"We have and will continue to work with the environmental community, the industry, and local and state officials to make sure we get this bill right," Sen. Scarnati added. "I am hopeful that we will arrive at a final product that will be in the best interest of the citizens of the Commonwealth by summer recess.
"As I have said before, we have tremendous opportunity with the Marcellus Shale industry, but we must be vigilant in ensuring our communities and our environment are taken care of now and in the future," Scarnati concluded.
A copy of the bill and supporting summary and other background are available on a special Marcellus Shale Impact Fee webpage on Sen. Scarnati's website. Click Here for original announcement and reaction.

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